Bubble Long Sleeve


100% Polyester- Moisture management with odor control properties
Color of design may differ with color of shirt. Please allow 2-3 weeks for creating your unique shirt, shipment, and delivery



Product Information

About The Artist

KAREN MCMANNON is one of the most influential calligraphers in the Greater Cincinnati area. Her teaching and enthusiasm inspire the student calligrapher.

Karen began studying the lettering arts in 1959 and became an established professional in 1976. In her quest to perpetuate calligraphic skills, Karen originated the Greater Cincinnati Calligraphers’ Guild in 1980. In 1992, Karen opened the doors of her teaching studio, CALLIGRAPHY, THE WRITE WAY in the heritage district of Montgomery, Ohio. As a professional creating calligraphic art, Karen enjoys the challenge of visually expressing the meaning of words. Moreover, Karen enjoys meeting and working with her clients, understanding their calligraphic requests and sharing in their poignant moments of life.

Karen is not just a calligrapher. She is mother to Erin Wilson, founder of IF I NEED HELP and moreover the grandmother of Jay Wilson who inspired this T Shirt design. Jay loves to blow bubbles. Bubbles calm his autistic self. The act of creating them, their movement, the swirl of color, all that aliveness in the bubble dance delights his spirit. We are grateful for bubbles.

Other calligraphy works can be viewed on her website, 'www.karenmcmannon.com<'/p>