Locking buckle Bracelet


Wear your important contact and emergency info on this strap-buckling bracelet. 

We make a plastic sleeve that covers the buckle. With the sleeve on, the buckle cannot be opened and the bracelet would need to be cut off to be removed. The material of the bracelet is not flexible so it would be very hard for the individual to remove.

3/4 inch wide,  please email erin@ifineedhelp.org with your wrist size (suggestions: measure with a tape measure, or a string and then hold the string up to a ruler) 

Line 1: First Name, Phone Number, & Brief Info
Line 2: Is the website address and unique profile number for a finder to enter to see the users profile.

Example: Amanda Wilson 661-524-6732 Autism/ Epilepsy

45 Characters Limitation


Product Information